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Varkala Cliff

Walk your way through paved sea side road to Varkala, a small temple city and a renowned spiritual center of Hindus.

Varkala is also a famous tourist spot known for its collection of shops selling trinkets, handicrafts and everything spiritual that is quintessentially Indian. It also has a number of lovely restaurants specializing in seafood. Varkala has a panoramic beach leading abruptly into the majestic and world famous Varkala cliff with its sheer red sandstone peeping out. One of the enduring attractions of Varkala is the Janardhana Swami temple which is around 2,000 years old and functioning through the millennia to this day.

Our guests typically settle into a heady rhythm of daily relaxing yoga and Ayurveda followed by a trip to bustling spiritual Varkala only to come back to the serenity of Kadaltheeram for a delightful dinner and rest.

Sivagiri Mutt

The hilly and quaint reaches of Varkala are home to one among the holiest sites in all of God's Own Country, the Sivagiri Mutt. Here lies the headquarters of the SreeNarayana Dharma Sangham, an organisation built by Sree Narayana Guru's disciples and followers, honouring one among the world's finest social reformers and crusader for justice. Spread over 200 acres, its location on an elevated plateau, along with the very structure and functioning of the place, has provided spiritual succour to thousands of people over the years.

It is said that SreeNarayana Guru himself fell in love with the overall ambience at Varkala and decided to build a hermitage atop the Sivagri Hill. This is where the pilgrim centre we see today lies, and it also has the Samadhi of the Guru. The Guru set up an elementary school here, inviting people across caste lines. He built a new temple at the site and dedicated it to the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswathi. Thus, the Saradha (Saraswathi) Temple here came into being in 1912.

Papanasham Beach

The silvery stretches of sand and the calm ambience on the beaches are the highlights of Varkala as a tourist destination. 'Papanasam' is one of the main beaches here and it is not only an important tourist spot but it also has religious significance. It is believed that a dip in the waters here will wash away all the sins (papam) and hence the beach obtained its name. Hindus find it a very auspicious place and ashes collected from the cremation grounds are immersed at the sea here. They believe that the sins of the deceased will be washed away and the soul gets moksha or eternal salvation through this ritual.

Ambience at the beach

Adjacent to the white sandy beaches are the pink laterite cliffs, which stand there like sentinels guarding the sea. The cliffs surround the beach and it is the ideal getaway for anyone who wants to escape from the hullabaloo of the urban life. Bordered by coconut palms and blessed with an idyllic serenity, the beach has a laid back ambience and it is often a traveller’s pleasure and rejuvenation point. You can collect sea shells; take a stroll on the sand enjoying the unending stretch of blue waters or lie down on the laid back sun kissed beach. It is the ideal spot for a sunbath or for a perfect view of sunset. The golden orange on the sky after the sunset will surely make you bow before the greatest artist, Nature. The outline of the fishing boats that appear on the horizon in this golden yellow background will surely spur the artist in you.

Janardhana Swamy Temple

One of the ancient temples in Kerala, the Janardhana temple is a major pilgrim spot in Varkala. The temple, which has a history of some 2000 years, is located on a steep hill, at the entrance of the beach road.

Ambience and architecture

Varkala Janrdhanaswami Temple is popular not only as a pilgrim centre but it also allures everyone with its architectural splendour. The temple faces Papanasam beach and the proximity to the sea adds to its spiritual as well as aesthetic aura. A flight of broad steps lead to the Janardhana temple and on the way, you will be greeted by a high entrance arch with tiled roof. An old banyan tree stands on the temple ground and idols of several serpent gods and goddesses are also installed here.

Brightly painted idols of Hanuman, Garuda, Lord Shiva and others greet you once you are about to enter the sanctorum. The main shrine Lord Janardhana (Vishnu) has four arms in which are placed shanghu (the holy conch shell) chakra (wheel), gada (mace) and kumbham (pot).

Edava Beach

Set along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, Edava Beach is a well-known travel attraction in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This beach is located in the coastal town of the same name. Calling it nature’s bounty won’t be wrong as it is blest with the beauty of nature in profusion. The virgin sands of this beach are hemmed in the towering palm trees and its ambiance is simply spellbinding. One should pay a visit to this beach during their expedition to Kerala.

It Is Known For:-

The historical warehouse that was built in British India in the 17th century

The nearby lakes where one can succumb to nature and reinvigorate their senses

Occasional beach parties during New Year's Eve

Best Time To Visit:-

Due to its geography, the beach and the area nearby doesn't get humid. This results in the pleasant weather that makes it comfortable for the holidaymakers to spend more time at the beach. However, the scorching heat during June plays a baddie and makes it the month to be booed. Strolling on the beach during the sunrise is an experience in itself. Do not miss it.

Kappil Beach

The pristine Kappil Beach and backwaters is situated 7 km away from Varkala, the famed beach destination. The ideal blend of the backwaters and sea, itoffers an idyllic escape from the world. Located close to the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, people come here to enjoy the scenic backwaters and the various water sports options. It is a peaceful area with ample chances to simply relax or take a comforting boat ride. The Kodi Hills nearby offers a breath-taking view that is sure the capture the hearts of all those who make the trek up the cliff. A drive along the coastal road is also a delightful way to experience the delightful view.

Boating timings: 10:00 - 18:00 hrs

Kappil Lake/ Estuary: (Pozhikkara)

About 7.5 kilometers north of Varkala town and hardly 2 kilometers from Kadaltheeram is the serene and scenic Kappil Lake. Bordered with coconut groves and trees, this tranquil estuary roves gracefully and merges into the Arabian Sea. Get on the bridge that is built across the lake and you will get the most fascinating view of the lake pacing toward the blue horizon. Kappil beach is the meeting point of Kappil Lake and Arabian Sea.

Anjengo Fort & Anjengo Light House

Located about 7 km from Varkala, and lying on the Arabian sea coastline is Anjengo or Anjuthengu, meaning five coconut trees. A place of historic significance tagged to Anjengo comes through foreign powers like the Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the English East India Company. In the year 1684, the English East India Company chose Anjengo to establish their first trade settlement in Kerala. There is also a cemetery inside the fort, which most probably would be having the remains of the occupants of the fort, and the oldest among the burial sites dates to 1704.

Anjengo is a set amidst a beautiful fishing hamlet. The lighthouse near the fort is around 130-feet tall and 183 steps to climb, it offers quite a view. If you are in Varkala, this place is certainly worth a visit!

Golden Island / Ponnumthuruth Island

Ponnumthuruthu is a backwater island which is situated about 12km south of Varkala. You can board a country boat from Nedunganda and take a scenic tour through the backwaters for about 30 minutes to reach Ponnumthuruthu.

Ponnumthuruthu, the name literally means Golden Island. Legend says that the queens of Travancore Royal Family used to hide their cache of gold and ornaments on the island in order to keep it safe and hence it obtained the name, Ponnumthuruthu.

Temple in the island

This island is known for the Shiva Parvathi temple, which is also called `Thuruthu kshethram’ by the natives. The temple is situated amidst thick coconut groves, which covers the entire stretch. The temple is more than 100 years old and the entire island is temple property. The temple was in ruins for a long time but about a decade ago, it was rebuilt.

Ambience at the island

The island is a must see, thanks to the enchanting ambience. Even the jetty at Nedunganda village from where the journey to Ponnumthuruthu start, stands out. It is a makeshift jetty and the walkway to the ferry is made up of a unique mix of coconut husk, mud and the waste from coir. A view of the island from the ferry in the evening will soothe any nature-lover’s mind. The greenery of the island sports a distinctive glow when the setting rays of the sun caress it.

The island is also a haven of different types of flora and fauna. It is a bird watcher’s delight to visit the island, thanks to the cormorants, egrets and herons seen in this area. Eagles and gulls too can be found here. Various other water birds can be seen here too.

The mainland on the other side of Ponnumthuruthu is a coir village. A coir village is a cottage industry set in a village which manufactures coir products mostly using traditional manual methods. There is a small coir-making unit near the ferry. Travellers can visit the unit. It is a unique experience to watch the boats carrying husks sliding through the backwaters to reach the island.

Munroe Island

This is an island surrounded by Kallada River and the Astamudi Lake. The island is also known as Munrothuruthu. The strip is one of the most picturesque villages in Kerala and is blessed with a number of crisscrossing canals and zigzagging water ways. The island plays host to many migratory birds. Coir making as a cottage industry is an added attraction.

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Kadaltheeram is a beach, it is also the name of our real special resort, from where you enjoy the pristine climate, serene backwaters and the soothing power of Ayurveda. Varkala beach has several specialties. The Ancient Janardhana Temple, the mineral water springs, cliff beaches and the sight of sea meeting backwaters make it a special treat for everyone.

Beneath Relaxing With Kadaltheeram

Kadaltheeram is a beach, it is also the name of our real special resort, from where you enjoy the pristine climate, serene backwaters and the soothing power of Ayurveda.Varkala beach has several specialties. The Ancient Janardhana Temple, the mineral water springs, cliff beaches and the sight of sea meeting backwaters make it a special treat for everyone.